back To School Projects

We are working on two projects for helping our teachers and students to get back to school. 
The first project is we will be partnering with Delphi First Assembly of God on July 31st to help with a
Back To School Bash.  It will be on July 31st from 10 AM – 12 PM
at the First Assembly of God. 
We will have 3 games and will be handing out pencils and info about the church. You all have stepped up so much that we already have the cost of the pencils covered.  If you would like to be at the event, please let Pastor Branden know.

The second project is helping the Camden Early Childhood Center by providing 130 packages of baby wipes and 120 boxes of snack size zip lock bags.  The largest packages are preferred. 
A short time but I know we can do it.  If you would prefer to simply give money, please make a note on the check for ‘wipes and bags’.
Any questions on any of this, please let Pastor Branden know.


“He told them what Micah had done for him, and said, ‘He has hired me and I am his priest.’” – Judges 18:4

The idea was planted when five men from Dan traveled to Ephraim, where they stayed with a man named Micah. They were intrigued to learn that Micah had hired his own priest. To them, this seemed like a great idea. This meant they didn’t need to consult God or be concerned about His Word. They could develop their own interpretation and do things their own way. After returning home, they convinced other Danites to join them in Ephraim. Stopping at Micah’s house, they made an offer to his priest, who agreed to work for them. Once these Danites had their own priest, they began implementing their own ideas, not caring about God or His Word. They waged war against the local population and built their own city. With their own priest, they could justify anything. Having their own priest meant they could develop their own justifications, interpretations, and rules. They could decide what was right and wrong. God’s Word suddenly didn’t seem to matter. This tragic pattern began when a Levite did things his way and hired his own priest. In the process, Israel became polluted with a self-centered religion that ignored God’s Word. This story reminds us of why it is important not to be governed by our own subjective interpretations or desires. We must know God’s Word and surrender our lives to Him. Don’t pollute your life with compromise. Seek God. Submit your life to Him. Obey His Word.

Read: Judges 18


“The angel of the LORD appeared to the woman and said to her, ‘Behold now, you are infertile and have not given birth; but you will conceive and give birth to a son.’” – Judges 13:3

God had a plan for Samson. Even before his birth, God began shaping his life. He was on the right path until he was tempted by a Philistine woman who “looked good to Samson.” This relationship resulted in complications (Judges 14:5-20). Then, he fell in love with another Philistine woman, Delilah, who tricked Samson into revealing the secret to his strength. After his strength left him, he was seized by the Philistines who gouged out his eyes and bound him with chains. When his strength was renewed, God enabled him to pull down the structure, bringing destruction to the Philistines. His relationship with both women seemed so desirable to Samson. He wanted to fulfill his cravings and gain pleasure. He never imagined all the pain that would result. Samson’s life shows how easily our hearts can be captured. We can quickly lose perspective, give in to temptation, and become slaves of our desires. We can develop questionable relationships or pursue goals that seem right but point us in the wrong directions. These are important reasons to surrender everything to God. Seek His guidance. Base our lives on His Word. Be on guard against temptation. Commit your way to Him. Surrender to His plan for you. Ask Him for discernment and the strength to resist temptations. Be filled with His Spirit and His Word. Dedicate yourself to prayer. Trust Him. Be focused on fulfilling the destiny He has prepared just for you.

Read: Judges 13