Positive Anticipation


“Praise awaits you … to you our vows will be fulfilled. You who answer prayer, to you all people will come … You forgave our transgressions … We are filled with the good things of your house.” – Psalm 65:1-4

David had faced problems. But, looking forward, he already anticipated God’s help. He had made vows and was so sure of His intervention that he knew he could depend on God. Having asked for help, he was confident that God would answer.  David realized that he wasn’t perfect and that he made mistakes. But he also knew that God would forgive him, even when he was “overwhelmed by sins” (v. 3). Special rewards and blessings await those who seek to live in His presence, as well as the promise of being filled with good things.  David could be so confident because he had seen God’s work through creation. He is “our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest seas.” He had “formed the mountains.” He had “stilled the roaring of the seas” and even “the turmoil of the nations” (vs. 5-7).   Everywhere he looked, David found reasons to trust in God. He took care of all of nature with streams “filled with water to provide the people with grain” (v. 9). He prepared the ground for a harvest, crowning the year with overwhelming blessings and “abundance” (v. 11).   If we have any doubts, we just need to consider the glories of creation. As Jesus reminded us, God cares for every bird and flower (Matthew 6:28-29). Why would we ever worry? Commit your challenges to God. Declare your faith in Him. Don’t wait. Praise Him now!

Read  Psalm 65


 “Hide me from the secret plots of the wicked … they talk of laying snares secretly … God shall shoot at them with an arrow … He will make them stumble over their own tongue … All men … shall declare the work of God.” – Psalm 64:2, 5, 7-9

David had been the victim of secret plots and wounded by words spoken from deceptive hearts. He had been deceived by men who promised to act honorably but who were preparing to trap him. As David discovered, some people make a habit of acting in secretive ways. They feel that this secrecy allows them to mask their true motivations and makes it easier to deceive and fool others. This willingness to be secretive can lead to a lifetime of engaging in gossip, spreading rumors, lying, and deceiving. As believers, we can feel vulnerable to these types of secretive plots. They can fill us with fear and uncertainty. Others may plot against us, but, as David learned, we always can trust God. We can be confident that He knows the “secret plots of the wicked.” We can know for sure that He will take care of us and defend us. At the same time, we can be tempted to engage in secretive actions ourselves against others. We are often tempted to be like the world around us. But God calls us to be different. We are not to be deceptive, but rather transparent and honest. We must keep our promises and always act with integrity. Today, seek to live in the light before God. Seek to have a pure heart. Make a practice of telling the truth. Be faithful and trustworthy.

Read Psalm 64