Radnor United Methodist Church

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Published by Branden Scott 

Some of you may have seen the latest statement from the CDC in relation to those vaccinated from the COV-ID virus.Along with that, the Indiana UMC has also released a statement that is linked below.With this in mind, if you are vaccinated and it has been a full 2 weeks, you are welcome to attend Radnor United Methodist Church mask-free and to socialize as normal. However, those who are not vaccinated need to continue with masks and social distancing as currently posted.We will not be carding or checking on your vaccination status and instead rely on everyone’s honesty.Let us continue to do whatever we can to protect each other and to remember John Wesley’s statement and “do no harm.”

 Good News for Churches!“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday that people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 no longer need to wear masks or physically distance — whether indoors or outdoors in most circumstances.”So what does this mean for Indiana UM churches?Remembering that there are a few caveats, churches are encouraged to use this new guidance and the information contained in today’s CDC announcement for adjusting their in-person gathering plans. Fully vaccinated persons (2 weeks after the last dose of the vaccine) are considered exempt from mask-wearing and social distancing. Unvaccinated persons … are not.The new guidance speaks to the effectiveness of the vaccines to date in preventing the spread of the virus. You are encouraged to read the CDC guidance for yourself in order to determine what you will need to consider for safeguarding those in your congregation who have compromised immune systems or are not vaccinated. Your response should consider and provide welcome to ALL the people who worship with you and are in ministry in your building. As always, those decisions and how to respond to the questions like those around congregational singing are best made in your particular context – and not from a comprehensive policy covering every congregation.If you would like further discussion about what this means for your setting, you are encouraged to be in contact with your Conference Superintendent.